Dad Rock Split

by Colorless

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This album is free, download it and make a few small artists feel better about themselves.

Dad Rock is a split containing songs from Colorless and Johnny Neiman. I (Colorless) am especially excited to for my first folk punk release to be shared with the guy who introduced me to the genre. The songs were haphazardly recorded in a basement and a garage and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

Aside from my good friend Mr. Neiman, I want to specifically thank the Akron punk scene for being so welcoming and supportive of my attempts to create music outside of the various metal related genres I have been writing in for most of my musical career. I also want to give a personal shout out to my 9 year old Mac, that somehow managed to stay alive during this recording process. You did well old girl.

You can find more of Johnny Neiman's music on his bandcamp at:


released January 3, 2017

Circa 2008: Colorless
Support Structures: Colorless
Verify: Johnny Neiman
Life Old Die Slow: Johnny Neiman

This album was recorded and produced by Chicken Coup Productions



all rights reserved


Colorless Jamestown, New York

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Track Name: Circa 2008
And every day
I've watched you fade away
But you'll never beat, that light out of me
And times they are changing
But not for the better
I wish that I could make good on my promises
You know never stopped
Never gave up
But my skins still sore
Yeah my skins still sore
But I'm still here

This path isn't void of struggle
There's more to life than making ends meet
I've failed a thousand times
But I'm still back on my feet
Resilience is the only way
When you've got no one to fall back on

The plot of life was never so bright
and I found myself and I found myself
Your heart was strong when I needed it most
And in the end and in the end
We're in control

Is the glimmer still in your eye
Did you lose your sense of home
Did you let yourself feel everything
I miss our past more than anything
But you'll never get it back

The childhood picture that you had
Melted long ago
Pushed into these situations
And I'm sorry that you feel
Oh so, oh so stuck
I'm sorry that there's no way out
Track Name: Support Structures
When you lost the God you thought you had
No dead man in the sky
Your friends, they left you behind
And your crippled mind is fried

The bottles fill your floor and the razors line your writs
You thought that you had everything but you gave up on the shots you missed

And thats okay because
I know that you can be
Anything that you want to be

You cut yourself everyday
You drink all through the night
Your co-workers don't notice shit because you don't have any pride
And you loved your dying mother when the cancer took her life
I'm sorry for the damage but the sun doesn't shine at night

The coffee doesn't wake you up
Your wife doesn't care
You gave up on your dreams
Mom was right, nothing is ever fair
And you want to kill yourself
Every fucking day
But if you let yourself end it all
Your sun will never be the same

You do it for the wife that never loved you
And you do it for your son who's too young to understand
And you bring white tulips to your mother's grave
Nothing is okay and nothing will ever change
Track Name: Johnny Neiman - Live Old Die Slow
You never left that has-been
High school football town
Bing Crosby record still spinning
Screeching that same old sound
Dying vicariously through
Those who passed before
The soil seemed richer on the other side
Six feet right through the floor

Live old, die slow
Pass forgotten and unknown
Shittin' in everyone else's pants
Except your own
Live old, die slow
Never had the will to grow
Now the birds and the bees
And the the wilted trees
Decay on your headstone

Never had the chance to fade away
Cause there was nothing to fade from
Always had your trophy shown on display
Who you could barely call a son
With a straight face, in the hallway
Where the family portraits hang
Such a grand facade, an illustrious fraud
Do you even know their names?

I've lived longer in a one-night stand
Than you have in eighty years
Cower in the corner of a crucifix
Succumb to all your fears
Cobwebs gather on the telephone
The black screen, your reality
The letters stopped coming long ago
Misery lost her company
Track Name: Johnny Neiman - Verify
Trapped between the walls of incalculable sums
Ever conflicting stimuli leave me cold and numb
Desensitized distortion, conditioned blind and dumb
Give us this day our daily bread, I’ll settle for the crumbs

Why, why, so can’t I?
I can’t seem to verify
Tired screams, wired dreams
Can someone say what this all means?

A chronic façade of scrutiny
Airwaves repeating rhymes of fallacy
Shredded sets of blueprints, of who you ought to be
Succumbing to the self-fulfilling prophecy

Why, why, so can’t I?
I can’t seem to verify
Can you, you see through
Static masking something true?

Is there a threshold, homogonous and clear?
Unspoken judgment to which we all adhere?
Skeletal systems, slashed, singed, seared
A hidden history, occluded by fear